Watering Bell

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Wheel thrown with hand painted glazes. A thumb controlled watering can, using air pressure and water surface tension to function. 

To use, hold with your index finger through the handle. Slowly submerge into a bucket or some such container of water. When it is filled, place your thumb firmly over the hole in the top. Lift your thumb off the hole to release the water in a gentle shower over your plants. When not in use it sits a a decorative jug on your porch or window sill. 

As long as your actions are smooth and the waterer is perpendicular to the ground, it will hold water as you transfer it to your plant. Tipping it to one side will allow air pressure to force drips out of the holes on the opposite side. So, keep the bottom level with the ground, and use smooth motions to avoid dripping.

Holds approximately 3 cups of water