Summer Solstice Sunflower Cauldron

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Wheel thrown cauldron with sculpted feet and hand painted sunflower designs. Featuring a golden pentacle and accents on the flowers.  The sunflowers and gold of course represent the sun which is revered on the summer solstice for the life and light it brings. 🌞 

 This piece would make a lovely addition to any altar space~ can be used for spell work, burning herbs, or your favorite candle; whatever your heart desires. 

Stands approximately 4.25” tall with feet, is 3.5” deep and 5” in diameter at the rim. 

The pentacle is probably the most common and easily recognized Pagan symbol.
Five points represent the essences of physical existence as we know it: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Together these five essences make up earthly life. Many pentacles are also surrounded by a circle, like this one, which represents the unbroken wholeness of the universes, and the profound interconnectedness of all things.
I enjoy the symmetry of this sacred symbol with the art of making ceramics. All four elements are used; the clay the earth, water when throwing, forming two pieces together, air when drying, oxygenation when firing, and of course FIRE with the chemical changes in the kiln.
Spirit and myself guide the vessels into being.

Due to the metallic nature of the real gold luster this piece should NOT be put in the microwave for any reason.  

*Hand wash recommended to preserve the life of your handmade pottery. 🖤

 *Please note that due to the complete handmade quality, small “imperfections” are inevitable. These quirks are what give my pieces character and make them one of a kind!*