Ramp Bowl II

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Wheel thrown mug, hand sculpted and hand painted ramp design. 

Approx 3.5” tall, 6.25” in diameter at the rim 

Please note there is some warping about the rim and a small superficial crack in the bulb part of the design. If these aesthetic flaws bother you please do not purchase this listing! 

Hand wash recommended to preserve the life of your handmade pottery. 🖤

*Please note that due to the complete handmade quality, small “imperfections” are inevitable. These quirks are what give my pieces character and make them one of a kind!*

Ramps are a type of wild onion, native to the woodlands of North America. When wildcrafting a patch of ramps remember to not over harvest and take only the leaves of the plants. Leaving behind the bulbs allows the beloved plant to regrow for years to come!