Brigid’s Candlestick

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Thrown in two pieces on the wheel, then assembled and decorated with Selene & moon designs. 
Hand painted gold luster accent. This piece travelled through three separate kiln firings to achieve this final look. 

Approx 5.25” tall, with the candle opening being 1.5” in diameter. 


*This was not made to fit any particular candle, as you can set your tapered candlestick with a bit of wax dripped in the bottom of the hole. Or alternatively if it is too small for your candle you may melt the end down to fit and set into the holder.*

Hand wash recommended to preserve the life of your handmade pottery. 🖤

*Please note that due to the complete handmade quality, small “imperfections” are inevitable. These quirks are what give my pieces character and make them one of a kind!*