Alchemical Ashtray-Water

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Water ~ Element of the West~ of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Adorned with real white gold luster  

This piece was thrown on the wheel, then embellished with handbuilt appliqués. A resting spot for your smoke, as well as a pocket for your lighter (fits a mini bic) or extra pre-rolls. There is also a hole in the dish for burning stick incense. This ashtray travelled through three separate kiln firings to achieve this finished look. 

Approx 3” tall, dish is 4.25” in diameter 

Due to the nature of the metallic over glaze, this piece should not be microwaved for any reason  

Hand wash recommended to preserve the life of your handmade pottery. 🖤

*Please note that due to the complete handmade quality, small “imperfections” are inevitable. These quirks are what give my pieces character and make them one of a kind!*